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Huge success for the 1st Panhellenic Online Competition of Educational Robotics WRO Hellas with international participation!

See how they danced in the Spring…

…with their robots 750 students and 150 coaches (teachers or parents) from all over Greece in the 1st Panhellenic Internet Competition of Educational Robotics with international participation! With the motto “We stay at home! We stay creative!” the Organization of Educational Robotics and Science WRO HellasWRO Hellas during the pandemic period (from 1/4 / – 31/5/2020) implemented the pioneering competition “Dancing in the Spring”! A total of 60 projects from the 250+ projects projects that were submitted, qualified for the final phase.

Everything danced around us in Spring! Flowers and trees with the rustle of the air, the birds, the insects, the sea, the people and even the robots!v

Hundreds of students used their imagination and made their own definition of spring, that is, their own robots which they danced, as insects, as animals, as people or as they imagined them.

Their goal was to design, build, program their robots and make them dance to an original   music! Most importantly, with whatever technology they wanted…

Of course, they did not forget to videotape the dance of their robots and send them to us. The competition was addressed to students of Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School and High School.

Kindergarten category – Audience Awards

1st Award                               2nd Award                 3rd Award

Kindergarten Category – Committee Awards

1st Award                               2nd Award                     3rd Award

Elementary Category – Audience Awards

1st Award                               2nd Award                 3rd Award

Elementary Category – Committee Awards

1st Award                               2nd Award                 3rd Award

Middle School Category – Audience Awards

1st Award                               2nd Award                 3rd Award

Middle School Category – Committee Awards

1st Award                               2nd Award              3rd Award  

In the High School category, the public and the committee agreed on the Awards

1st Award                               2nd Award               

The children were organized into groups of 2-4 people  and began to work together through any telecommunications tool. They talked and planned together about the robot they wanted to create. The person who had the kit at home undertook the construction of the robot with the assistance of the other team members. Then they made the program to move the robot.
They put in the beautiful process the musician of the company as well as the decorator of the group to
  “dress” their robot with notes and clothes!

In a time of pandemic, we sent a positive message to students, parents and teachers,  exorcising the coronavirus.The videos of the final phase have been posted on the Youtube channelYoutube and on the Facebook page of WRO Hellas. Facebook του WRO Hellas.

Public vote

We spent the last week of spring in the best way, evaluating the projects that hundreds of children were inspired and created during the quarantine.

The evaluation committee had decided and the projects that were qualified in the final phase were ready to be judged by the audience.

Gradually, the projects of the final phase were uploaded to the Facebook page ofFacebook of WROHellas. We shared them with our friends and acquaintances, we voted for the works that made us laugh, dance and even get emotional!

The reactions (positive and negative) to the video of each group on Youtube were also counted as votes. Youtube.

The President of WRO Hellas Mr. Ioannis Somalakidis stated characteristically: «The online competition has come to stay! Our students, with the help of their parents and teachers, have shown us that they can deal with any situation, especially during the pandemic, which was unprecedented for the whole world, with creativity and great imagination. We welcomed more than 250 projects with great satisfaction. It is something that will remain and we will continue it in the coming years».

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