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About us

Non-profit organization WRO Hellas is the main entity conducting robotics competitions in Greece and South East Europe.

Using competitions as our main leverage, we work hard to facilitate the introduction of STEM and educational robotics  to Greece’s national compulsory educational carriculum.


The acronym WRO means World Robot Olympiad. We are the official organizer of the World Robot Olympiad (W.R.O.) in Greece.

Our approach


We use our robotics contests as leverage in order to ensure that every school is not only willing but also able to take its first steps into STEM, either by enriching its official curriculum or by offering appropriate after-school activities. We do this by creating motives and ways for schools to obtain free infrastructure, by supporting teachers with free, continuous hands-on training, as well as by developing open-access lesson plans for elementary and secondary teachers.

WRO Hellas Educational Robotics Competitions

WRO Hellas organizes two separate competitions for all educational levels: the Panhellenic Educational Robotics Competition (October – March) and the WRO Educational Robotics Olympiad (March-July).

The two competitions start from the Regions and end in Athens for the holding of the Final. The competitions are addressed to the educational community as a whole, to primary and secondary education.

Supply schools with educational robotics equipment

As part of the competitions, we are looking for sponsors who will help us offer free educational robotics equipment to schools that cannot afford it. Equipment is essential in schools, both for their participation in competitions and for the broader integration of educational robotics into teaching practice. Combined with the work of educating the country’s teachers on educational robotics, we aim to broaden the Greek educational community in order to be able to interpret and utilize the numerous educational opportunities offered by educational robotics.

WRO Hellas strives to equip at least 100 schools each year. So far we have managed to equip more than 800 schools with educational robotics equipment.

Training of Coaches

The nationwide nature of the competitions creates for us the opportunity to train teachers from all over the country on educational robotics. As part of the preparation of the teams at the regional level, we are organizing local workshops. So far, more than 2,000 teachers have been trained during the 2017-2018 school year.

WRO Hellas offers free seminars and webinars.

The general philosophy of seminars and webinars is that of Hands on Training. Each educational subject is taught through exemplary constructions, according to the topic of the current educational robotics competition.