Voluntary action

From the beginning of its operation, WRO Hellas has decided that all its actions will not have participation costs.Thus, there is no cost for the participation of students, both in the Panhellenic Educational Robotics Competition and in the Educational Robotics Olympiad.

Many people from the educational community and not only offer their services voluntarily, contributing selflessly to the goals of WRO Hellas, the main ones of which are:

A. The encouragement of all members of the educational community, such as teachers, professors, students,and university students to get in touch with sciences, new technologies, and mainly, methods and applications of Robotics.

B. The information and enlightenment of the public about the new technologies, the progress and the evolution of Robotics.

C. Cooperation, exchange of  views with other organizations or associations from the country or abroad as well as the contribution to the progress of Robotics and new technologies.