CliC-PoLiT is a project that aims at engaging students and the society in environmental and climate change activities to raise awareness and strengthen responsible citizenship.

Incorporating the terms of climate change, urban sustainability and light pollution into the curriculum requires systemic thinking and interdisciplinary approaches, demanding in parallel for pedagogical innovations that provide interactive, experiential, transformative, and real-world learning.

In light of these challenges, the CliC-PoLiT project aims to design, implement, and evaluate blended innovative educational approaches and digital tools that provide this learning process towards a specific issue.

CliC-PoLiT Educational & Assessment Toolkits

Our toolkits enable the successful piloting in schools by providing support on covering the following aspects:

  • Background information on Light Pollution, its effects on the environment, and its connection to climate change;
  • Ideas and resources to support classroom activities;
  • Connections between classroom activities and our pedagogical framework, and suggested ways of implementation;
  • A how-to guide to introduce selected digital resources in schools
  • Introduce modern assessment practices to teachers including formative, summative and student self-assessment.