Kindergarten Category: “The city I dream of living in – Smart Cities”

How do you dream of your city?

Accessible to all its citizens

Citizens to move with MMM and bicycles or electric vehicles

To be able to cope with natural disasters

To provide new technologies for everyone

To have no traffic problems

To use green energy


Detailed information


The children will build their first algorithm and show us how they dream of the city they would like to live in, while developing their artistic and social skills.

Kindergarten students (4-5 years old) form groups of 6-10 children. Each group of students builds a floor track from materials of their choice.

On it they place small mock-ups that are characterized by 1-2 words and depict, in a three-dimensional way (painting or collage),

A. that they consider unpleasant and disturbing what is happening in their city and

B. that they consider pleasant and beautiful and want it to exist in their daily life.

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Detailed description

The Kindergarten game aims to help young children think, for the first time, in an algorithmic way. The game is designed in such a way as to respond to their particular age needs and specifically to help them:
● To represent their ideas and knowledge through solving a problem (problem solving).
● To become familiar with the basic concepts of algorithm creation, control and
● running it, as well as debugging it.
● To utilize concepts of direction and orientation in space (right, left…)

● Learning by doing and receiving real-time feedback on how the commands they create guide a robot and help continue a story.
● Engage in an activity that involves the whole body.
● To communicate and cooperate with their peers, as well as with adults.


  • Ages: Toddlers and Toddlers (4-5 years old)
  • People per group: 6-10 children


The action “The city I dream to live in” is not competitive.

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Kindergarten STEAM Educational Activity: “The city I dream of living in”

Speaker: Christopoulou Viki

Date and time: 07/11/22 at 18:30

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(**The number of entries equals the number of groups you wish to enter. You can find the parental consent form below and add it to your form completed, one for each student. You will also have the form with you on the day of printed out to submit to those in charge.)