Everything is dancing around us! Spring arrived along with flowers, the wind and the trees too, flying birds, insects, the sea, people and even robots!


Stay safe and Create!


Use your imagination and make your own definition of spring, create your robots to dance like insects, animals, humans or anything you can think of.

You can design the robots and dress them up and with authentic music get them dance to the rhythms of spring! And most importantly with the robotic kit of any technology you prefer …

Don’t forget to record your robots’ wild dance and send it to us with the #SpringChallenge #StayHome #BeCreative hashtags.

You may get inspired from this video as well as in the examples tab.

The contest is aimed to Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior and Senior High School students.

Hurry up and get organized into teams of 2-4 persons! As soon as you do this, start collaborating through a meeting tool (Skype etc.) that you feel more familiar with. Parents will have the role of mentor.

As a team, you will discuss with other members and plan together what you wish to create.
The member of the team who has the kit at home, will undertake the construction of the robot with the assistance of the other team members.
Of course, don’t forget the band’s musician or band decorator to “dress” it up with notes and clothes!


The purpose is to send a positive message to scare away the coronavirus! We will upload the best videos to the international WRO community Facebook page so that all children of the world can receive it and escape with their minds! Don’t waste any more time, get organized and make your robot ready to go with any technology you wish or have available:


  • Design it!
  • Build it!
  • Program it!
  • Make it dance to your authentic music!

The best videos, for which we’re sure you’ll use your vivid imagination to come up with, will be uploaded to the WRO Hellas YouTube channel and Facebook page!

After several requests, we extend the registration to the online competition until Sunday,June 14.


  • Age group:  from 5 to 17 years old
  • Members per team: 2-4 children.

Important Notice

  • Coach of the team can be an adult, preferably the parent or teacher of a member child.
  • Each project will have a video lasting 60 to 120 seconds. It will also be accompanied by photos and a short description of the project (2 pages at the most).
  • Each video should have the names of the creators (students), producers (parents), the musician and the director.
  • Each project can have 1 or even 2 robots. For example, in We Do 2.0 you can use 2 hubs.
  • The music your robot dances should be authentic. Create your own music or ask any musician friends to assist.

 A committee of experts will pre-evaluate the number of projects and present to the public a Top 50 in order for the public to select best Top 10.

Committee will evaluate the projects based on the following criteria.

Teams are asked to submit digital videos on the topic “Dancing in the Spring”.

Videos should be a team effort. Teams are considered of at least 2 and at most 4 members (including at least 1 adult).

All team members can be accompanied by an adult parent or carer.

Videos must be no more than two minutes long and show a real construction.

If any person under the age of 16 appears in the video, the consent of a parent or a guardian is required before submitting the project.
Videos must be accompanied by a text with a brief description of the project in English. They must be in digital format: WMV, MP4 and MOV. The total file size should not exceed 2 GB. Videos must be submitted via Dropbox and shared to mail  wrohellas14@gmail.com. If possible, teams should keep a high-resolution version of their video. Finalists may be asked to submit this version to the final stage of evaluation.

Ο WRO Hellas reserves the right to adapt the rules at any time. Any changes will be announced on the website and will be valid from the date of publication.

Legal & copyright issues

All entries must comply with European copyright agreements.

Entries must not contain a statement, fact, information or anything that may harm or diminish any individual or group of people.

Entries must not contain a statement, fact, information or anything that may encourage the persecution of individuals on the grounds of race, opinion, nationality, sex, occupation or other persuasion. Nor, of course, should they encourage crime or breaking the law.

Evaluation and awards
All teams will receive a certificate of participation.
The evaluation will be carried out by a committee of experts after the deadline 31/5/2020.The Committee will come up with the Top 50 projects which will be announced on June 2020. The public will decide on the 10 best of them through WRO Hellas social media. The decision of the Committee is final and there will be no further discussion on this.

All entries and submissions are property of Educational Robotics and Science Organization WRO Hellas, reserving the right to edit, extend, modify and reproduce material on the Internet after the submission date.

Prerequisite for participation is to subscribe on the YouTube channel of WROHellas: https://www.youtube.com/WROHellas.

      Get inspired from the Spring.. and Create!

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