Train with the Olympic Champions!

The International Summer School of Educational Robotics is aimed at teachers of all levels, from countries all over the world. Participating teachers will attend presentations and workshops facilitated by experienced educators with multiple participations and achievements in World Robot Olympiad.

The School will be held in English, while at the same time interpretation in Greek will be available upon request. Participants will be divided into groups of 5 and will be able to use their own computers.

Our approach

We use our robotics contests as leverage in order to ensure that every school is not only willing but also able to take its first steps into STEM, either by enriching its official curriculum or by offering appropriate after-school activities. We do this by creating motives and ways for schools to obtain free infrastructure, by supporting teachers with free, continuous hands-on training, as well as by developing open-access lesson plans for elementary and secondary teachers.

Cost per participant

The cost per participant is 250€, including course attendance, coffee and use of robotics equipment. A discount of 40% will be available for Greek participants.


25-28 of June 2020.

Brief history 

Our 12-year history began in 2008, when the first, informal core team of friends, stakeholders and supporters was formed, sharing the common vision of introducing educational robotics and STEM into the educational reality of Greece. Even at that time, the forming community of WRO Hellas was nationwide and included academics, school counselors, elementary and secondary teachers, and parents.

The coordinated steps taken ever since by like-minded people from all over Greece, achieved to turn robotics from an unknown concept, into a strong educational trend that attracted more and more Greek schools. Building on a comprehensive methodology whereby knowledge was widely spread to all teachers and students, we have managed to quickly improve the quality level of Greek teams participating in the World Robot Olympiad and achieve some notable rankings and accomplishments that have since put Greece at the forefront of educational robotics and STEM at a global level.

Greece has ranked 2nd, 3rd and 4th place at the World Robot Olympiad (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019), performing best at the Football, Open and Regular categories. What is more, at the 2019 World Robot Olympiad held in Hungary, the teams from Greece collected the most medals – along with Russia – among 423 teams from 73 countries.

Introduction to Educational Robotics: LEGO Education MINDSTORMS EV3

Instructor: Constantinos Tsatsaronis

The LEGO Education MINDSTORMS EV3 platform is a leading educational robotics solution, having been selected by WRO as a primary means of participating in the World Robot Olympiad. In this introductory course using LEGO Education MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Software, we will learn how the robot moves and turns, how we use sensors, variables, loop and switch, how to send data (DataWires), how to make our own blocks, calibration of censors, math blocks and logic blocks, as well as basic line sequence. We will learn to use parallel beams, arrays, and files to make more sophisticated line followings and turns.

Introduction to Arduino & Raspberry processors and compatibility

Instructor: TBA

In this course we will explore how we can extend the functionality of LEGO Education MINDSTORMS EV3, by combining it with open source microcontrollers and microcomputers, such as the Arduino & Raspberry Pi. What is more, we will be introduced to and analyze different available programming tools and ideal workflows, with particular emphasis on the Python programming language.


Time / Day Day 1 (June 25th) Day 2 (June 26th) Day 3 (June 27th) Day 4 (June 28th)
09:00 Introduction to Educational Robotics: LEGO Education MINDSTORMS EV3 Introduction to Arduino & Raspberry processors and compatibility Free choice of participation: Lesson on Open categories or lesson on Regular categories
14:00 Lunch Lunch Group visit to the Archaeological Museum of Marathon
15:30 Registration Application of indicative solutions on the WRO game mats Application of indicative solutions on the WRO game mats and/or indicative solutions for the Open categories Excursion to the beach for swimming
18:00 World Robot Olympiad (forming the team, specifying the role of the coach, choosing the right approach/solution to the problem set by the competition) Late lunch at a Greek tavern
20:00 End of first day End of second day End of third day School Closing